The unicorn yogi


I'm Annie, and you won't find a shorter nickname.

Who are you, Annie?

Actually, I'm just a teen, 17 years old to be more precise, who's heart is located in different countries. I've been living in Russia, currently my cloudland, for nearly 3 years. I turned to veganism a few months ago, for many reasons. This doesn't mean that I'm shaming everybody else ; I'm far from adhering to extreme veganism. I don't pretend to change the world, I'm just living on a couple of principes and try to reduce my footprint on the world.

What's your story?

My life was filled with up and downs. However, I've recently managed to get my way out of it. To be honest, I understood myself only after introspection and self-reflection. And the thing is, when I took control of my life, I finally got to know who I was. I guess that the rock bottom I'd hit turned out to be the foundation of happiness and self-love on which I've built my new life. I won't go through many details, but my one and only aim is to share with you guys a couple of gleaming values: hope and courage. I've always had hope, but a form of courage came to me later, perhaps a bit too "later". Actually, it didn't "come" to me: I met it after understand that actions are valuable, whereas just talking is, well, just talking. I've learned through this struggle to be positive in the overall and have the heart in right place. Now I'm aware that this is totally cheesy, but let's add a little ignorance to this world.
​​What about your blog?

If I've decided to create this blog, it is simply to share with you what cheers me up and makes my life, for me, beyond joyful. Here, it's all about wholesome food. I've never felt so healthy and happy before starting to eat food that nourish my body and mind, in a proper way. In order to make this content accessible to the maximum of persons, the recipes are vegan friendly. However, this blog is not JUST about food (even though I'm literally in euphoria when I eat). The recipes come along with moments of my life, reflection, and yoga.
This space is basically where I can unleash my creativity and passion for life.